Mind House in Barcelona, Spain

Mind House in Barcelona

One of the most popular works of the famous architect Gaudi in Barcelona is Park Güell, situated only a few steps from Gracia, on the hill within the suburb of Vallcarca. In 1900 Euzebi Guell bought this hill to be able to arrange there a personal garden city in British style. Areas around the block specified for to become offered for building the mansions and all sorts of infrastructure and public facilities Guell commissioned to Gaudi.

However, the project unsuccessful: for individuals who wanted to reside in Barcelona, the park was too not even close to the center, however for individuals who wanted to reside outdoors the town it had been too close. Consequently, Güell’s beneficiaries sold the hill to city authorities, who opened up the park to the public.

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Mind House in Barcelona Spain

Mind House Barcelona

Mind House Interior

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